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Death Is a Drag!

Back - Up

The Legendary Musical


Death Is A Drag!" Have a laugh, have a cry, have a cocktail. You are solemnly invited to attend our hysterical musical wake for a fabulous drag queen (who's gone but not forgotten).  Come and meet the zany family and friends as they try to say goodbye to "Sharon DeWealth"- A true legend in her own mind, who won't go quietly... Feel the fabulousness for yourself. 


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“Back-Up the Legendary Musical” . The cast is the back up performers for the legendary star Maggie Joseph, who has recently died leaving her son, back up singer/dancers, wardrobe lady and manager to fend for themselves, as they prepare for a film loosely based on her life.  "Back Up” was semi-produced in showcase form, in front of an audience in Las Vegas in 2004. 

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